“We Trained on Skype. Incredible!”

Brown pit bull dog with a green harness and brown leash attached sitting happily on green and white artificial turf with magenta and white flowers in the background

After researching trainers we decided on Legends Dog Training specifically because of their philosophy. We are located in Charlotte NC and trained our pit-mix family member via online sessions with Alyssa. We couldn’t be more happy with the results. Maxx has made tremendous progress. Utilizing online sessions has facilitated training for Camille and I so that we better understand Maxx. Alyssa is very diligent, highly competent, and comprehensive/holistic in her approach. She’s patient with us and has a genuine interest for the well being of Maxx. She understands how to achieve desired results via positive training rather than consequence or negative reinforcement. This was a critical differentiation for us in choosing Legends because Maxx was adopted and had previously been mishandled and/or abused. We would recommend Alyssa with full confidence. The change in Maxx is astonishing.