“I’ve tried other dog trainers…”

Belgian malinois dog standing on a red mat while woman with blue jeans and blue jacket holds leash that is attached

Alyssa has truly helped me better understand how to communicate with my dogs and is an amazing dog trainer. She has been training my two dogs Tin Tin and Sandi for about 3 months. Tin Tin is a Belgian Malinois and I had a hard time taking him on walks because he tends to lash out at dogs, people, leaf blowers, and almost any sound he hears. After these 3 months of training, I am able to control him and calm him down so that walking has now become fun and a pleasure. Tin Tin was also scared of going to the vet. He did not let anyone touch him, including me, so it was hard for him to get his shots. With Alyssa’s help, I was able to train him to be more calm. Last week, I took him to get his dog influenza vaccine. At the doctor’s office, they even complimented him and said he was much calmer. We were out of the doctor’s office in less than 2 minutes.

Alyssa is also kind and patient. She takes extra time with her clients and my dogs truly love going to training. She takes the time to answer any and all of my questions. She also thinks about my questions and comes up with solutions that may better work with my dogs.

I cannot say enough. She is absolutely great.