“Incredibly structured training.”

Grey an white dog laying on a red mat on the floor

I’ve been working with Alyssa on separation anxiety for a few months now. I’m only at the beginning stages of his training, but I’m so impressed by Alyssa‘s professionalism, insane knowledge, incredible structured weekly plans, and her ability to customize a work plan just for my dog, Kevin. I’ve worked with MANY trainers to remedy our issues, but she is far superior to anybody I’ve ever met or worked with. Her approach to behavior change is methodical. My underweight dog is challenged with health issues and in a very short time she’s improved his appetite with her behavior plans, and he’s gained a pound! She takes detailed notes and studies the weekly behavior patterns and aligns with a base mat training method. Her approach has the dogs best interests in mind, ensuring I’m able to understand him better and only go at the pace he’s ready for. Additionally, she provides the option to do video training so I don’t have to drive. It’s so helpful. I will update my review as my training progresses, but she’s legit – everybody needs to work with her.