“Alyssa is a mix of a therapist, and a dog trainer.”

“Alyssa is just incredible! She is a mix of a therapist, and a dog trainer. She is very knowledgeable, and an excellent clear communicator. She doesn’t waste your time, and always has helpful visual aids to enhance training. I started “zoom” training with her last year to work on my dogs’ separation anxiety. I tried so many short-cuts before: thunder vest (check!), time release treat dispensers (check!). Nothing worked – until Alyssa. She breaks every session down into concise manageable steps — strips it down to the essentials, so it’s easy for you and your dog to follow. We started with simple foundational training – at first I was like, ‘How will this help separation anxiety!?’ But now I know every step is essential. Slowly over time I started to see real long-lasting change in my dogs’ behavior. After feeling for so long that change wasn’t possible, the whole experience with Alyssa has been so empowering. Trust the process! Trust Alyssa! Your dogs will thank you!”