“Alyssa helped our pup get re-socialized with other dogs.”

White fluffy dog sitting on hardwood floor looking up while wearing a red bandana

Our male Maltese mix (Wally) was bitten by another dog when he was less than 1 year old.  Although the bite was minor (no blood), the bite was very traumatic for Wally.  Ever since the day he was bitten, he was extremely fearful of other dogs. Alyssa helped Wally get re-socialized with other dogs.  She worked with him every week for several months and he slowly began to tolerate being around other dogs.  We can now take Wally for walks where he is exposed to other dogs and he’s slowly getting back to normal. We found Alyssa on her YouTube channel where she has lots of self-made videos about dog training. Alyssa is an excellent dog trainer and her videos really highlight her skills.