“Alyssa has changed our relationship with our dog for the better.”

“We cannot recommend Alyssa enough. As first time dog owners, our adopted 7 month husky-lab mix was a huge challenge. She exhibited over-excitement and over-arousal behaviors, and loads of puppy energy. We found Alyssa through San Diego Humane Society’s dog training classes and she was randomly recommended to us by a neighbor who was a past happy customer of Legends Dog Training. We ended up taking a total of 2 online classes (6 weeks each, 1 hour zoom meetings each week) as well as a private 1:1 consultation.

In our private 1:1 consultations, Alyssa patiently guided us to understand what our dog needs and how we can use management / prevention / training to establish foundational behaviors. She has so much knowledge to share.

Through the online classes, we saw even more improvements in our dog’s behavior throughout our 12 weeks together. At first we were skeptical about taking an online dog class but it turned out to be a great option for our dog and during covid-19. We’re safer at home. Our dog is in our home environment where there are minimal distractions so she can learn at her own pace. As she excels at a behavior inside our home, then we gradually make the environment more and more challenging. The classes are structured and exercises naturally build on the skills we learn from previous sessions. Our dog started out as the dog who couldn’t sit still for class. (honestly she probably would have failed an in-person class….) We constantly had to ask Alyssa for class recordings because our dog would be acting up (barking, mouthy, demanding attention, potty breaks) during class. By the end of the two classes, our dog became so calm that she can even sleep through the entire class if we didn’t wake her up for the exercises. While our dog still struggles with some things outside the house, she’s learned to be calm inside the house, love her mat and dog bed, and these days barking at the mailman is not even interesting.

We are thankful and grateful to have found a positive reinforcement trainer like Alyssa. She has changed our relationship with our dog for the better. Choosing Legends Dog Training is choosing so much more than basic obedience. Legends Dog Training uses 100% positive reinforcement training to help improve your relationship with your dog. We adopted a dog to be our best friend; this was exactly what we got as a result of training with Alyssa!”