“Alyssa has been amazing to work with.”

Brown and black dog looking at the camera all cute with tongue hanging out and red flowers in the background

We came to her with an issue of reactivity on the leash and a situation that required a flexible trainer, Alyssa fit the bill.  Even though I only worked with Alyssa a few times there was a noticeable difference in Saria [our German Shepard] from the first session, and watching the training sessions made me see the type of dog Saria could be.  She was always calm and patient while training Saria, and used positive reinforcement to let her know what behavior was worthwhile.

We were in a situation that forced us to re-home our dog, and Alyssa made it an easy process to transfer the training to the new owner.  She was even kind enough to give advice to the new owner to make Saria’s transition easier.