In many ways behavioral training is all about mindfulness. Let me share with you five similarities between behavioral training and a mindfulness meditation practice.

1. A Relaxing Start

black dog relaxing on turf next to a woman with orange jacket

It is important to start training off in a low stress, low distraction environment in the same way that meditation is generally practiced in a quiet room with candles and relaxing music. It can take time to work up to “Times Square” level distractions.

2. A Mindfulness Mat

dog trainer working with a belgian malinois on a red mindfulness mat

Calming exercises with your dog will be done in combination with a comfortable mat, just like meditation is initially practiced when sitting on a pillow or in a comfy chair.

3. Thinking Through Challenging Situations

belgian malinois dog training through challenging situation with woman riding on bike in street

In the same way that we go over threshold in our day to day lives our dogs can also hit their limits.  With help your dog can improve their ability to think through stress or over-arousal.

4. The “Carry Over

dad and daughter sitting in green grass with a happy and calm dog

These exercises, once established, can be used to promote calm behavior throughout your dog’s day, in your home, on walks, in any context. Similar to the way that practicing meditation can carry over to many different situations in our own lives. 

5. Creating Joy

light brown small dog very happy being pet by woman

Behavioral training is about bringing out the best version of your dog by minimizing stress and enhancing communication. The result is a joyful and harmonious relationship with your dog.

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