Does your dog become nervous or hyperactive with guests? Does your dog bark or lunge when they see a dog on leash? If so, my online classes will show you how to practice exercises that will allow you to connect and offer guidance to your dog in challenging situations.

How does it work?

Training is broken down into step-by-step exercises. You’ll learn how a low stress, low distraction environment – like your living room – can become the ideal classroom setting. You’ll establish foundation skills, and learn how to integrate those skills into your daily routine.

Is this for me and my dog?

If you have a dog that has BIG energy, these classes will show you how to provide positive outlets for that energy through mental workouts. Positive reinforcement training is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself, and your dog.

Classes are conducted by Zoom. Each class is one hour in length, and meet once a week for six weeks. Check out the full list of Online Classes I offer.

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